Our First Chapbooks Go On Sale Today!

Our 2014 On the Edge winners are being printed this week. We are so excited by the quality of the poetry and the beautiful book design our printer Joe Carlough created.

And the covers! Wow, the covers! QuillsEdge Board Member Anique Taylor created a painting just for The Garlic Peelers, and the multi-talented Suellen Wedmore sent us her own lighthouse paintings to choose from for Mind the Light.

You can buy them now on our QuillsEdge Press Web Store for $12/book, with free shipping. They will be mailed out starting October 10th. We’re offering a pre-shipping special deal – both beautiful chapbooks for $20.00

Both books contain a selection of poems from our four finalists: Eve Linn, Sarah Backer, Kim Baker, and T. Stores.


Of The Garlic Peelers, 2014 Judge Barbara Crooker said:

garlic peelersOne of the things I look for in a chapbook is unity of theme, keeping in mind Frost’s dictum that if 26 separate poems make up a book, then the 27th poem is the book itself. The Garlic Peelers exemplifies this. I love the stunning title poem, and the way the other poems unfolded, like cloves of garlic from its core. I also admired the variety of forms and voices used, and the central metaphor: women’s lives as many-layered and essential as garlic. I like the way Lucia Galloway plays with multiple levels of meaning (chase/chaste/chastened; skins/scraps/leavings/chaff), the quotes that are salted between sections, and the way each section is introduced by lines that are excerpted and reworked from the title poem. No good recipe is complete without garlic, and no poetry shelf is complete without this fine book.




Of Mind The Light, 2014 Judge Barbara Crooker said,

mind the ligh

Mind The Light has as its narrators five very different women who were lighthouse keepers, five separate personas, five unique voices, like the multi-faceted Fresnel lens used in lighthouses. Each poem is a small gem; “lapidary” comes to mind in describing them. The central metaphor, women finding their strength in adverse and sometimes unchosen circumstances, took my breath away. This is a book of poetry that reads like a novel, and I challenge any reader to come away unmoved.


Mind the Light also has photos of four of the women, and an original painting by Suellen Wedmore of the fifth.

Our 2nd Competition Opens 11/01/2015!

QuillsEdge Press is proud to announce our 2nd Annual Chapbook Competition for Women Poets Over 50!

Our Theme: To Inhabit (a body, a landscape, an ecosystem, a dream, a memory, a nightmare, a fantasy, a place, a time)

Our Judge: Mary Ann McFadden

The competition opens November 1st, 2015 and runs through January 31st, 2016. Check back here in early October to download the guidelines and get the link to enter online!

Chapbook Competition Deadline Extension!

QELogo5 cropped

Our new submission deadline for the 2015 Chapbook Competition, “To Inhabit,” is March 1st, 2016! Get all the details here.

Dear friends,

At this time of midwinter, of thankfulness for Winter’s nurturing rest and anticipation of Spring’s renewing flame, we’re at an exciting moment in the life of QuillsEdge Press.

We’ve received nearly 150 entries in our 2015 chapbook contest, and they are marvelous collections of poetry. Our deep & heartfelt thanks to each of you who’ve entrusted your work to our readers. We are frequently blown away by the power & craft of the poetry we’re reading, and we don’t envy our judge, Mary Ann McFadden, her final decision!

This month, QuillsEdge Press welcomes our new executive editor Ann Davenport, who joined us as a reader several months ago. Our esteemed co-founder, Elliott batTzedek, is moving on to launch a new publishing project. As the Board and staff work diligently to ensure a smooth and successful transition in leadership, we also want to take a moment to draw a deep breath, celebrate all the Press has accomplished, and look to the vibrant future.

To that end, we are also glad to announce a brief extension to this year’s contest! If you wanted to enter, but didn’t quite have time to finish preparing your manuscript, we have great news – you have until March 1st to submit your chapbook to QuillsEdge Press. This year’s theme centers around “To Inhabit.” Please see our submission guidelines here.

We can hardly wait to read your work! As always, please know how honored we are that you’re a part of our community. Thank you for inhabiting this world with us.

With warmth & poetry –

Jane, Jude, and Anique
Board of Directors
QuillsEdge Press

2015 List of Indispensable Women Poets

On our contest entry form we ask poets to list 2-3 Indispensable Women Poets. What an amazing resource this is creating for us!

Here’s the list of names submitted as of December 20th:

Adrienne Rich
Akiko Yosano
Allison Townsend
Anna Akhmatova
Anne Finch
Annie Dillard
Aracelis Girmay
Audre Lorde
Beckian Fritz Goldberg
Bette Lynch Husted
Brenda Shaugnessy
Cathy Colman
Cecilia Woloch
Connie Willis
Dahlia Ravikovitch
Daisy Fried
Denise Duhamel
Eavan Boland
Elizabeth Bishop
Ellen Bass
Emily Dickinson
Gjertrud Schnackenberg
Glenna Luschei
Gwendolyn Brooks
Heather McHugh
Helen Klein Ross
Holly Day
Jane Hirschfield
Jane Kenyon
Joan Colby
Judy Rowe Michaels
Kay Ryan
Kim Addonizio
Liesl Mueller
Linda Gregg
Linda Hogan
Linda Pastan
Louise Erdrich
Louise Glück
Lucille Clifton
Lucy Tapahonso
Margaret Atwood
Marian Boyer
Marie Howe
Marilyn Hacker
Marsha de la O
Mary Oliver
Maxine Kumin
May Sarton
May Swenson
Maya Angelou
Muriel Rukeyser
Naomi Shihab Nye
Natasha Trethewey
Nellie Wong
Nikki Finney
Paisley Rekdal
Patricia Caspers Ross
Patricia Fargnoli
Patricia Smith
Pattiann Rogers
Quan Barry
Rachel Bluwstein
Renee Ashley
Rita Dove
Ruth Stone
Sandra Cisneros
Sharon Olds
Sonia Sanchez
Sylvia Plath
Tiffany Midge
Ursula K. Le Guin
Wislawa Szymborska

QuillsEdge is Pro-Diversity!

QuillsEdge Press is thrilled to announce
that our 2015 contest includes a
Pro-Diversity entrance fee of $5.00
for self-identified Women of Color


In our first contest last year the proportion of manuscripts we received from Women of Color did not match the number of talented Women of Color writers we know are out there, so we resolved to reach out in new ways this year.


Please help us by sharing our news
with your writing communities!

Happy Harvest

I am remembering all I have to be thankful for in an otherwise perfect world…which is to say, a very imperfect world & yet, & yet, here I am, in the harvest years, reading the poetry of women in their harvest years & anticipating a visit from my grown up kids, who are doing, at this time, nicely. Even last night, my daughter’s lost Corgi was found the night before Thanksgiving! Yes there have been many bumps in the road & yet & yet, I have always found this day, whose origins are also otherwise perfect, or not at all perfect (I am reminded of this watching PBS specials on how this nation came to be) I need to sit back, sip what, at this time, is good–even if that good are the gleanings.

What are your gleaning, what your small moments of yes?  Do some of those moments come in the way of words, like me, to become poems?

We are starting to see signs of life at Quillsedge–the second contest is underway–thanks to Elliott the conspirator (conspire means to love) we are up and running in Submittable–where your entries will appear by magic out of ether. This year, I won’t have to deal with the endless pile of mailed manuscripts which last winter invite dust bunnies to graze my living room floor. But beautiful bunnies. As  I am still in process of a long move, to be able to open a file to read your work is one of those thankful moments–Yes, Yes. The harvest delivered.

Our theme this year embodies what inhabits you/your poems. & because I am between homes right now it seems to suit me just fine as my body is my only real address at present–my dwelling place. So we look forward to learning about where you dwell, what inhabits.

Today I wish you all a way to find even one moment of peace & conspire with the harvest. & though I am hardly a technophile–upload it into your day, savor it with your veggies or turkey, your tangy, your tarts & your sweets & after this day of harvest–consider sharing with us the bounty of your words.

Happy day of harvest  Jane & Elliott–& our growing board & activists,  Jude & Anique!

Great news! Another poetry prize for women over 50!

Accepting Submissions: September 1st, 2015 – November 30, 2015

wilder prize2015 Two Sylvias Press Wilder Series Book Prize: 
A Poetry Contest for Women Over Age 50

Submission Dates: Sept. 1, 2015 – Nov. 30th, 2015.

Judges: The editors of Two Sylvias Press–
Kelli Russell Agodon and Annette Spaulding-Convy.

Prize: $1000 and publication by Two Sylvias Press
(print book and eBook plus an art nouveau pendant).

The Wilder Series Book Prize is open to women over 50 years of age (established or emerging poets) and includes a $1000 prize, publication by Two Sylvias Press, 20 copies of the winning book, and a vintage, art nouveau pendant. Women submitting manuscripts may be poets with one or more previously published chapbooks/books or poets without any prior chapbook/book publications. All manuscripts will be considered for publication.

Please read the complete guidelines below before submitting your manuscript.

Submission Requirements:

Please submit an original, unpublished full-length manuscript of poetry (no translations or previously self-published books). Individual poems may have been previously published in journals, magazines, anthologies, and chapbooks, but the collection as a whole must be unpublished.

Open to: Women over the age of 50 (born on or before November 30, 1965)

Length: 60-100 pages of poems
(One poem per page. Though poems can be longer than one page, we just want to make sure each poem begins on its own page and that two poems are never included on the same page.)

Manuscript should include a table of contents and an acknowledgments page for previously published poems.

Poet’s name should not appear in the manuscript.

A poet may submit more than one manuscript for consideration. Submit additional manuscript(s) in a separate email(s) and include submission fee(s).

Simultaneous submissions allowed. Please notify Two Sylvias Press immediately if manuscript is accepted elsewhere.

NOTE: Our mission at Two Sylvias Press is to support poets. Your manuscript will NOT be disqualified if it was submitted incorrectly. We will not penalize you for trying and making a mistake. If we have a question or concern about your manuscript format, we will contact you and allow you to resubmit. Please know that we are on your side. Thank you for trusting us with your work.

– See more at: http://www.twosylviaspress.com/wilder-series-poetry-book-prize.html#sthash.qP6TqECI.dpuf

The Chapbooks Have Arrived!

All of the chapbooks went out to our authors this week! We asked everyone to send us pictures of opening up the packages, and Lucia Galloway, author of The Garlic Peelers, was the first to gleefully respond.

Here are the photos, so you can share the joy.

lucia opening manuscripts

Autumn leaves

Leaves of a book, leaves of trees, Leaves of Grass, and leaving summer into fall and although on September first it feels like summer, my dogs (Jane here) are shedding and they know the season is turning soon. And Fall for me has always seemed a time of not so much loss as renewal–when the coolness makes the grapes sweet. And sweet especially is the knowledge that Elliott, woman of huge heart and energy and talent and co-conspirator at QuillsEdge (conspire means to love you know) has been working with our printer to bring to fruition our first chapbooks–not one but two, and two beauties. And October first, our second contest opens! A lot is on the burners.

As for me, this fall may bring a change of place to live. And there will be some forthcoming changes on how we work at the press to make the things poets are least best at (that is the $ stuff!) easier for all, and also the submission process easier as well. Because of all of your entries and support, we have made through the first year and that is a particularly difficult one to get through for fledgling presses. Thank you all.

I will add one little note about my summer. I was blessed to go to The Bread Loaf Conference in Vermont and something extraordinary happened. Like many poets, I am pretty much an introvert, a book worm and am not used to being recognized. In fact, I kind like being  a gecko! Yet, women I had never met came up to me and said, “Are you Jane Seitel from QuillsEdge Press?” And so many conversations started… Now, this surprised the socks off of me– it was, for me, at once a bit awkward but also gratifying since I realized word had spread about the press and our rather unique mission. And there were many women over fifty at the conference. They were essayists, fiction writers and poets and at the student readings, I realized how much of a force of nature we women are. So on that note, let the winds of fall move you, at times wistfully, at times gusting or even blustery: Move you along your precious life and literary path.




We’ve been editing our hearts out!

Been a while since our last post – but only because we’ve been busy being editors!

The second of the two winning manuscripts just flew digitally to our designer, Joe Carlough, so layout can begin. We can’t wait to see the proofs, which will be coming soon. Soon soon soon.

Since QuillsEdge Press is dedicated to creating community, and not only to publishing “contest winners,” we’re doing something different with our first two chapbooks. Each one will have a complete winning manuscript in a front section, and then a separate section at the back where each of the other four finalists will have two poems. When you buy our books (and you WILL buy them!), you’ll also be getting four poems by each finalist as a sample of the depth and variety of poetry submitted to us.

And all six finalists will be invited to be readers for our next contest! Just like every other small press, we have to run contests to fund the work, but for us strengthening bonds between women poets is just as much our mission as publishing chapbooks.

More exciting news is coming soon, including our next competition, readings, how to BUY THE BOOKS, and announcements of new Board members!

Meanwhile, here’s part of the cover image for Lucia Galloway’s chapbook, created by poet and artist (and now BOARD MEMBER) Anique Taylor.

garlic cropped for blog